Divinity Anthology Collectors Edition PC NEW

Divinity Anthology Collectors Edition PC NEW
1) 2 DVDs (including 3 DRM FREE games):
-Divine Divinity
-beyond Divinity
-Divinity 2 Developer's cut
(Note: A code for the STEAM versions of the games is included, but not required)

2) 2 Soundtrack
-1 CD contains select tracks from the first two games (also available separately on Larian's website)
-1 CD contains unreleased tracks from the games, exclusive to this anthology.

3)Hard bound, developer's journal (133 pages) discussing the development of the games. (In color)

4) 2 Double sided posters of previous and upcoming games.

5) 2 DLC codes for their two upcoming games (Divinity Dragon Commander, and Divinity Original Sin)


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