Ubicollectibles presents its new collector’s item, featuring Jacob Frye from the next Ubisoft franchise Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

This figurine represents Jacob in a threatening pose in the streets of London. An agitator with a wry smile, he is holding his cane behind his shoulder, ready to strike. Only one person could stay his hand…

This wonderful figure includes...

Highly detailed Gauntlet with Hidden blade and Cane Sword, the new signature weapons of our Assassin. The street lamp and the pavement, representative of Victorian London. A rook, Jacob’s Gang’s emblem, perched on the street lamp.

Each box includes a special lithography featuring Jacob Frye (high quality ivory paper of 250grs, dimensions: 23 x 27 cm).

Combine it with the figurine of “Evie Frye, the Intrepid Sister” to form the diorama of “The Wise and Wild Twins”.

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